Queerling Series

The Live Pitch

Watch Creator of Queerling, LaTajh Weaver pitch the series to Film and TV Producers, Deniese Davis (INSECURE), Lauren Mcbride (Selah and the Spades), and Maya Emelle (Solace, Jinn)

Director's Statement

At a time where I didn’t recognize my hometown, Oakland I wrote QUEERLING as a response to a time where I questioned if I am truly in control of my own identity or am I inheriting identities from those around me. I struggled to grow comfortable in my own skin, facing the fear of blending in with new coworkers. I found myself trying to compensate for my blackness, queerness and lack of professionalism. Each episode is based on a situation that made me choose between what I’ve been raised to believe, what I know in my heart, and what will keep me financially stable. My hope is that this series relates to all the POC Queers who have to face these same questions.

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The Logistics

# of Episodes: 8 Episodes

Series Length: 41 minutes

Filming Location: Oakland, CA


  • Table Read: Week of 5/16

  • Production Dates: 7/2-7/10

  • Post Production: 7/2 - 7/30